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W.A.D. Ministry





We Are Different (W.A.D.)
- Youth & Tertiary Ministry

Mission Statement
To reach the youth of our nation and raise them to become a Generation with a “different spirit” to impact our home, institution, church, nation and nations beyond through discipling, equipping and multiplying
Theme Verse
“But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.” - Numbers 14:24
Our Mission
We live like it’s our last day to serve Jesus – to glorify God and to make His name known! That has to be all that matters. The world promotes living for one’s own gains. We say we are sick of living for ourselves. We live for a higher cause and goal. We live for who we are meant to live for – Jesus! We are different. (Galatians 2:20)
Our Lifestyle
In our work place, school, home or private life, there is no difference. We let our light shine and we live an exemplary lifestyle anywhere, all the time. We are responsible, reliable, have integrity and seek to possess in fullness the fruit of the Spirit. Our life and actions will be a light to those around. We want to be Jesus to our world! We are different.


Our Passions
In all things, ‘God’ stirs our hearts and captures our mind.

  • Praise and worship
  • Godly fellowship
  • Missions
  • Discipleship & mentorship
  • Campus ministry
  • The lost
  • Prayer & intercession

    Our Values
    Our convictions have nothing to do with what the world demands of us. The world demands us to be ‘grey’. We choose to be clear between our blacks and whites. We say ‘no’ to any form of compromise in what we hear, what we see and what our hands touch. We refuse to be intimidated by what the world demands. We refuse to be ashamed! We fight back! We speak up! We are different.


    Our Speech
    We speak only to uplift and never to destroy. Our friendships and conversations bring people closer to Jesus. Anything else is frivolous. We do not speak as the world speaks. We speak with confidence. We will not speak down on ourselves. We speak with boldness, perseverance and victory. We are different.


    Our Worship
    We worship passionately and genuinely. Our worship is not just about nice song sessions when we are in church. Worship is our lifestyle. Everything we do is a form of worship to the Lord. Thus we do all things with excellence! We are different.


    Our Serving
    We serve so that people can feel the love of God. We never serve for ourselves. We will never murmur, complain and gossip. Instead, our service in any form (home, school or church) will always be filled with joy and gratitude for all that God has done in our lives. We are different.


    Our Activities

    • Twice a month youth services
    • Weekly Cell Groups at various locations
    • Monthly oikos
    • Youth camps
    • Campus groups

    Family Ministry
    Chinese Ministry
    Hokkien Ministry
    Adult Ministry
    W.A.D. Ministry
    Children Ministry
    Teaching Ministry
    Worship Ministry
    Multimedia Ministry
    Transport Ministry
    Usher Ministry


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