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Children Ministry



The bible records of a boy by the name of Samuel. He was the first-born of a barren mother named Hannah. How precious was Samuel to Hannah! Yet recognizing Samuel was God’s gift to her, Hannah dedicated him to the temple. Little Samuel grew up in the temple and heard God’s voice as a boy. He responded to the voice of God (1 Sam 3:10) and started a ministry which saw him fulfill his destiny in God.

In Harvester’s children ministry, we recognize each child as God’s gift. We hope to raise a generation of children like Samuel, who share an intimate relationship with God and are willing to respond to God’s call upon their lives even at a very young age.

It is not going to take the ministry alone to raise the Samuel Generation. As an African proverb puts it, “It takes a village to raise a child”, we believe the “village” refers to parents, significant ones and a team of passionate Christian educators to raise each and every God-beloved child. If you think you have the passion and possess the character to become that Christian educator, we welcome you to join our children ministry team to invest in the lives of children today!

Mission Statement
To supplement the family in reaching kids and building them to become God-loving and God-fearing children

To raise children who will answer God’s call to be His ambassadors in their homes, schools, church to reach out to their families, friends in Singapore and also be a blessing in mission works

Our 7 Core Values
- Child-Targeted
- Christ-Centred
- Fun
- Home-Church Partnership
- Relevant and Application-Oriented Teaching
- Safe
- Shepherding

- Creche: Birth to 35 months
- Preschool: 3 to 6 years old
- Primary level: 7 to 12 years old



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