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Candice's Testimony


Before I received Christ into my life, my life was full of ups and downs. I remember when I was younger, I didn't enjoy going to church and I often fell asleep during the service. I didn't favour to be a Christian and I had never pondered about being a Christian one day. I was a quiet and disciplined girl, but as time went by, I became a rebellious girl in school. I remembered myself not doing school homework when I was a Secondary Two student and my school days were full of vulgarities as a language of communication with my group of friends and I couldn't control myself.


Last year, Sister Carin invited me and brought me here to Harvester Community Church (HCC). I found love, joy and happiness from God after a few months, so I received Christ at the end of one Sunday school class last year under the guidance of Sister Mingzhu. My character changes as time passes. I have become less hot tempered and have stopped speaking vulgarities. When I received Christ into my life, I opened my heart to God and welcomed Him into my life. But on the other hand, I struggled a lot with my family as they objected me from going to church. Hence, eventually I left HCC after a few months. My closer friends in church did not give up on me. They never failed to care for me by texting me and even writing letters to me. I am really grateful to Huiyun, Qiqi, Maggie, Jiaxuan and Qiaofen for their faith in me that allowed me not to lose my trust and belief in God.


In this journey with God, I definitely had my personal encounter with Him. It was a Friday when I was really exhausted after a long week of school. I went back home straight, thinking of taking some rest. But these words came to my mind, "O-levels are coming and why aren't you studying?" So I actually picked up my Mathematics assessment book to do the questions. Yet, while doing, my tears started to roll down my cheeks profusely and I just couldn't contain my emotions. I was so amazed because I guess God actually heard my prayer at that moment of time. I prayed for relief of stress and also for the direction of my future because I was just about to give up on Mathematics which could actually lead me nowhere due to my horrendous Mathematics results. But God actually showed me by speaking to me while I was tearing to let my faith be built on Him and believe that things will turn out in a different way. Hence, I started trusting in God with all my heart. And two months later, things became so much better and my Mathematics actually improved tremendously from being the last few lowest in class to the top ten in my class.


This year, I am glad that God still opens the door for me to be able to come back to HCC again with the support of my cell members. There are many changes that actually took place in my life after receiving Christ such that God actually opened the door for my parents to allow me to attend Sunday services. And slowly, I even went to this year’s "Year of Transformation" church camp in Malaysia and was also able to graduate from my Sunday school class. God continued to create miracles in my life and now I am also able to attend cell group regularly every Wednesday. Recently, I just received my Chinese O-level results and I was totally blessed by God as I managed to attain an A1. It was God because during the stressful period, God gave me the strength and wisdom that I needed and blessed me through.


Due to the miracles God has done in my life, I am really grateful and I want my relationship with Him to be never ending and even closer than before. My life actually changed so drastically after all the pain as God didn't give up on me and actually walked through all that with me. Through prayer, I trust that God will actually make greater changes in my life, so I thank God sincerely for Christ’s gift of salvation. I would like to see myself growing even more and begin to serve in at least one ministry. I would like to thank my beloved cell group and zone for being such an astonishing zone that never fails to love God together!


Yu Meng's Testimony


Looking back, it seems that God has already worked in my life to bring me to Him. Since young, I have gone to children church regularly. However, I went there just to play games and have fun. I never understood about God’s love and His words. After a period of time, I stopped attending the church but in junior college times, I joined my classmates’ cell group. This time, I could feel their love for God and it got me curious. Yet, I also did not pursue much about God but I have started opening up to God though I still thought that being a Christian and attending sermons were very boring.


During the time when I was serving the nation, Winston invited me to HCC for Easter Service. Although I had always thought Christianity was boring, I thought it was good to make more friends through church and so I agreed. And during the service, I accepted Christ though I did not know what was going on then, after which I attended the next few services and cell group to learn more. During that period, I started to get used to the culture and adapt to it.


God has been good to me since I accepted Christ, even though I am more of a lukewarm Christian. He manages to soften my heart in the past two years. I have grown up in a single parent family and certain conflicts that occurred between my mother and relatives seemed to have hardened my heart. I have taken many things for granted and become quite numbed to certain emotions. In the past, I also used to be more hot tempered towards my mother and got agitated easily by my surroundings. This situation was exacerbated by my own pride as I refused to talk to others about my family as I felt that it was shameful. However, as I stay close to God, I have learnt to give, love, let go of the past and appreciate things happening around. I have become more conscious of my own actions and also more sensitive to the people around me. God has also brought more peace into my heart such that I do not get irritated so easily.


I am blessed with good friends, many of whom are from our Varsity Ministry. And in fact, God has also prevented several accidents from happening to me. Around three or four times, either the vehicle jam-braked or missed me just by a few centimetres. This sets me thinking that God could have easily taken me away but by His grace, He has kept me unharmed. It is God’s love that keeps me close to Him. I thank everyone from our Varsity Ministry and my NTU cell group for being such understanding and wonderful brothers and sisters to me. And also to God who showers me with His love and blessings, placing the wonderful people around me.

































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