Darrell Shen’s Testimony

When I was younger, I used to debate and challenge Christians about their faith.  I could not understand why they would want others to be Christians too. I felt that what they did was disrespectful and that it was an avenue for the church to rope in more people, so it can grow financially. In short, I thought it was like a scam.

However, there were several occasions that impacted me after I met a group of Christians from Harvester Community Church through my school’s co-curricular activity.

In one instance, my friend Nicholas fell sick and was admitted to hospital. I went with a group to visit him. During the visit, they prayed for Nicholas. I sincerely wanted him to recover, so I agreed to do what a group member told me to do: I prayed with faith. During the prayer, I felt a presence which was like a covering over that place. It felt safe and assuring.

Another instance was when I attended cell group. I could have rejected the group’s invitation, but somehow, I felt I had to go. Through the cell group sharing, I received answers — answers to worries in my life that I had had for some time. It felt like someone was trying to speak to me.

Later on, I attended a church service. I could not find the words to describe what I experienced. Somehow, something in me told me that I could trust and depend on Him. There was a sense of comfort and relief. That day, I made a choice to accept Jesus into my life.

I’ve come to know that God’s grace and love is real. Looking back at the miracles that I am privileged to have encountered, I was reminded of how real He is. I once was lost, but now I am found. I once was blind, but now I see. I am grateful that I can have a relationship with Him, that this is a relationship and not a mere religion.