David Mok’s Testimony

I went for a mission trip to Kalibo, Philippines in June 2017 as I wanted to experience what it is like leading people to the Lord, and draw closer to God as I take on His heart for the lost.

During the trip, God showed me He is limitless. I was tasked to take charge of the Children Church programme for an evening service with a teammate. My fears kicked in when I saw more and more children streaming in. Both of us struggled with getting the attention and cooperation of the energetic children. Eventually, we prayed for the Holy Spirit to take over and do His work through us. Right after that, things became amazingly smooth – the children became attentive and later, they even knelt down in prayer, receiving His love. I was humbled that night because God told me clearly: to not rely on my own strength, and that He will use us mightily as His vessels to love the lost if we partner with Him.

During the trip, I also had the opportunity to share Jesus with many who did not know Him, and led people to receiving salvation.

One lesson I learnt is that the Great Commission is for all of us – in whatever capacity we have. We need to leave our comfort zones to experience God’s heartbeat for the lost. Once we have experienced it, there is no other feeling like it. May we all go forth in our lives to boldly share God’s love, and fulfil the mandate He has given all of us.